Measurement of the inclusive $\phi$ cross-section in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 7 TeV

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The cross-section for inclusive phi meson production in pp collisions at a centre-of-mass energy of sqrt(s) = 7 TeV has been measured with the LHCb detector at the Large Hadron Collider. The differential cross-section is measured as a function of the phi transverse momentum p_T and rapidity y in the region 0.6 < p_T < 5.0 GeV/c and 2.44 < y < 4.06. The cross-section for inclusive phi production in this kinematic range is sigma(pp -> phi X) = 1758 pm 19(stat) ^{+43}_{-14}(syst) pm 182(scale) microbarn, where the first systematic uncertainty depends on the p_T and y region and the second is related to the overall scale. Predictions based on the Pythia 6.4 generator underestimate the cross-section.

Figures and captions

Fit to the tag (left) and the probe (right) sample in the bin $0.6 < p_T < 0.8 {\mathrm{ Ge V /}c} $, $3.34 < y < 3.52$ for one of the two magnet polarities. Shown are the data points, the fit result (thick solid line) as well as the signal (thin solid line) and the background component (dash-dotted line).

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Inclusive differential $\phi$ production cross-section as a function of $p_T$ (top) and $ y$ (bottom), measured with data (points), and compared to the LHCb default MC tuning (solid line) and Perugia 0 tuning (dashed line). The error bars represent the statistical uncertainty, the braces show the bin dependent systematic errors, the overall scale uncertainty from Table 1 is not plotted. The lower parts of the plots show the ratio data cross-section over Monte Carlo cross-section. Error bars in the ratio plots show statistical uncertainties only.

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Summary of relative systematic uncertainties that are common to all bins.

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Binned differential cross-section, in ${\rm \upmu b }/ {\mathrm{ Me V /}c} $, as function of $p_T$ (GeV/c) and $ y$ . The statistical and the bin-dependent systematic uncertainties are quoted. There is an additional bin-independent uncertainty of 10% related to the normalization (Table 1).

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Created on 06 March 2021.