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RTA and DPA dataflow diagrams for Run 1, Run 2, and the upgraded LHCb detector FIGURE-2020-016 11 Sep 2020
LHCb calorimeter simulation using a library of energy deposits FIGURE-2020-015 27 Jul 2020
Performance of the GPU HLT1 (Allen) FIGURE-2020-014 30 Jun 2020
Deuteron PID performance in LHCb simulation FIGURE-2020-013 03 Jun 2020
Impact of the $Z\to\mu^+\mu^-$ alignment on the $Z$ mass resolution at LHCb FIGURE-2020-009 19 May 2020
Muon track reconstruction efficiency at LHCb FIGURE-2020-010 19 May 2020
Run3 Primary Vertex reconstruction description and performance FIGURE-2020-005 07 May 2020
Photon Detection Performance in pPb 2016 Simulation FIGURE-2020-006 07 May 2020
Throughput and resource usage of the LHCb upgrade HLT FIGURE-2020-007 30 Apr 2020
Selected HLT reconstruction performance for the LHCb upgrade FIGURE-2020-008 30 Apr 2020
Antiprotons from $\bar{\Lambda} \to \bar{p} \pi^+$ and $\bar{\Sigma}^- \to \bar{p} \pi^0$ decays in pHe collisions FIGURE-2020-004 18 Mar 2020
Comparison of Flavour Tagging performances displayed in the $\omega$-$\varepsilon_\mathrm{tag}$-plane FIGURE-2020-002 24 Jan 2020
TURBO stream animation FIGURE-2019-010 13 Jan 2020
Throughput scaling of the Hlt1 track reconstruction on many CPU core machines FIGURE-2020-001 07 Jan 2020
Speedup with ISPC and GPU on Compass Allen algorithm FIGURE-2019-013 13 Dec 2019
Upgrade simulations of VELO and SciFi saturations in PbPb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 5 TeV FIGURE-2019-021 13 Dec 2019
Charm production in PbPb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 5 TeV and in $p$Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$= 8 TeV FIGURE-2019-020 06 Nov 2019
$\mathcal{Xc1} (3872)$ production in $p\rm{Pb}$ and $\rm{Pb}$$p$ collisions at $\sqrt{sNN}$ = 8.16 TeV FIGURE-2019-019 31 Oct 2019
LHCb CPU Usage Forecast FIGURE-2019-018 28 Oct 2019
First integration tests of the GPU HLT1 (Allen) FIGURE-2019-016 25 Oct 2019
Performance of the Lamarr Prototype: the ultra-fast simulation option integrated in the LHCb simulation framework FIGURE-2019-017 25 Oct 2019
2018 Alignment stability plots FIGURE-2019-015 23 Oct 2019
Comparison of the decay time resolution in Run 1 and Run 2 FIGURE-2019-014 22 Oct 2019
Performance of a multithreaded prototype for the future LHCb simulation framework (Gauss-on-Gaussino) FIGURE-2019-012 17 Oct 2019
Performance of VELO clustering and VELO pattern recognition on FPGA FIGURE-2019-011 14 Oct 2019
Tracking efficiencies prior to alignment corrections from 1st Data challenges FIGURE-2019-005 13 Sep 2019
Smog2 Velo tracking efficiency FIGURE-2019-007 10 Sep 2019
Background rejection study in the search for $\Lambda^0 \rightarrow p^+ \mu^- \overline{\nu}$ FIGURE-2019-006 09 Sep 2019
Breakdown of the current Hlt 2 reconstruction throughput rate for the LHCb upgrade. FIGURE-2019-004 06 Sep 2019
First study of the VELO pixel 2 half alignment FIGURE-2019-003 02 Sep 2019
Evolution of the upgrade LHCb HLT1 throughput FIGURE-2019-002 29 Jul 2019
Variation of VELO Alignment Constants with Temperature FIGURE-2019-001 04 Jul 2019

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